Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The Desert Diorama

In reading for the first few weeks in term 4 I have been doing a diorama about the desert. This what I have done in the first few weeks. Did you know that Cactus is a type of plant that can store large amount of water and they live mostly in hot dry desert. Camels are also type of animals that some of live in hot desert and they have 1 or 2 humps. Cottontail Rabbit mostly eat grass and other desert plants. Fennec Foxes are found in Africa's northern desert and they only live in hot deserts.   l

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Why is the sky blue?

Why is the sky blue?

Have you ever looked out of the window and wondered why is the sky is blue. Many children have asked in their whole  life their parents why the sky is blue. But their parents mostly tell them made up stories. It’s mostly because they think that their still small, but they don't know that their children want to know why the sky is blue.

But is the sky really blue? Most of the scientist aggrey that the sky is not really blue but they explain why. The sky is actually made up of all the colors in the rainbow.The sun’s light travels down to the earth in straight line unless something gets in its ways to reflect bend or stashed. Like sound light energy travels in waves some waves are long and some waves are short,blue waves are shorter while red waves are longer.

Did you know that as the light from the sun shines into the atmosphere.most of the colours able un stopped. On Its way to earth the sun’s light passed through the atmosphere. The atmosphere is made up of billions of little oxygen and nitrogen.

Over all the sky is blue because the molecules in the atmosphere scatter the sun’s light as it travels down to earth. As light travels in waves the blue waves,which are shorter,get more distributed than the other colors. This makes the sky appear blue. But then how does a sunset work you might ask? Red sunset happen when the is lower in the sky so the light must travel further and because the blue light has scattered,the red and yellow light are more invisibil.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017



Sorry Miss...
I didn’t mean to break the window.
The sun was in my eyes.
The bat was surprisingly heavy.
and I swear I’m not telling lies.

Sorry Miss...
I swear I hit that tennis ball straight.
But a squawking seagull got in the way.
Making the ball go in the wrong direction.
And now I’m sorry you have to pay.

Sorry Miss...
But did you see the crazy weather.
The lightning struck the window.
Frightening everyone in the playground.
Causing it to shatter and glow.

Sorry Miss…
Pinch me cause I’m dreaming.
A dragon came to life today.
And burnt the window to a crisp
Boy, it must have been having a bad day.

Sorry Miss…
Harold the giraffe went on a rampage.
Meteors struck the school.
An airplane went off course
striking buildings before landing in the pool.

By Amelia,Lujein, Sahar, Nikita, Sebastian and Krish.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The BFG's dreams

The fairy village.

This dream is about when I is wake up from my bed.  I is watching the beautiful butaerflies and all types of other insects that you can see. The weather is sunny then I tidy my house and I  go to fly outdoor withe  my friend. I fly to my friend with my friend Pepel the butterfly. The queen of the village wanted me to do an inportent job for her. She said that there is a bad witch that wantes to take over the whole villeg.I said I can not save the villeg,the queen said that I can save the villeg, so when the witch came, the clouds covered the villeg, and the witch's started to take over the villeg. I can not stay and watch the witch taking over the villeg.I will stop that with from doing all of her bad things in the villeg and I stoped her in her place and I saved the villeg. The queen gave me the gold medal that the only people who are really brave and they have done something that related to the villeg or something really importent.

By Lujein


Thursday, 7 September 2017

Moment in time

WALT: Describe Moment in time

On my way to work
“Morning Lujien,” came the deep rumbling voice from beside me. I look up and see my workmate Bob standing to my right. As tall as 4 storeys, Bob is covered in soft white feathers with blue feet that have claws like a bird. Waiting for the lights to turn green so we can cross the road together. “Good morning,” I call up to him with a small wave of my hand. The sun is beating down on us, I start to feel hot and sweaty in my dark suit. Bob kindly places his briefcase over my head to give me some shade. When the light is green we crossed the road and we talked to each other about our work and then  we arrived to our work.

I like the way you added a lot of describing words, next time make sure you write your whole story in present tense. It was really fun to read!!!

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The action book.

The action book.

Waking up from Carmen’s soft bed her tummy was making noisy sounds. Carmen went to the kitchen and started looking for water. As she found the water she held the cup in her hands. Carmen drunk the water, then she sat on the chair and she began to sleep. Carmen’s mom was looking for her, she looked everywhere in the house and at last she found her sleeping in the kitchen.  She tried to wake her up because Carmen had to go to school before she gets too late.

Walking out the door, Carmen heads to school. To get there quicker, Carmen takes a shortcut through the park. She remembered she had an inquiry test so Carmen got out her book to study. Carmen started reading her book,while she was walking. She saw that the book was really hard and realised that she cannot understand it. Carmen sat on the chair and stared hard at the words on the page, bringing it closer to see it better. All of a sudden the words began to swirl around on the page, quickly it felt like someone had pushed her from behind. She stumbled and fell head first into the book.

When she opened her eyes, bright light shone into her face. She couldn’t see anything. Carmen wasn’t sure where she was. She thought that someone would hear her if she screamed as loud as she could. “HELP... HELP...!” Carmen shouted.  At last Carmen realised that she could see properly, looking around she saw she was lost in the forest. As Carmen looked up she saw light coming through the tall trees and she saw the ground was covered in broken branches. Carmen could hear squirrels squeaking and birds talking to each other. She felt lonely and upset.

And then suddenly Carmen thought that if she can find her way home then she don’t have to worry so much. Carmen went to find her way home she’s started walking and walking, until her legs got tired and she realized that she was walking in a circle and she would never see her parents again. Suddenly Carmen heard foxes sounds coming towards her,Carmen saw a cute fox that showed her the way back home and she feeled that someone pushed her back home.

As Carmen waked up she saw herself setting on the chair and holding her book in her hand and she saw the watch on the wall,and she remembered that she have to go early to school,so Carmen went running to the school. When Carmen arrived to school she hoped that she get the all test right.
When Carmen started the test she,she found it really easy.
The next day when they persent out the Results Carmen was really happy because she got it all right and her parents were really  happy of what she did.

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By Lujein.

WALT: write a narrative

Wednesday, 16 August 2017


WALT to write our own pepeha
A pepeha is the way we introduce ourselves and our whanau. Here is my pepeha to introduce myself.
Lujein Pepeha
No Yemen āhau

Ko  Puketāpapa  tōku maunga

Ko Manukau  tōku moana

Ko Halsey Drive te kura
Ko Nabil tōku papa   
No Yemen ia   
Ko Samer tōku mama     
No Yemen ia     
Ko Ahmad tōku Koro    
No Yemen ia     
Ko Katebh tōku Kuia   
No Yemen ia     
Ko Juman raoa Jana raoa Abdirahman tōku Teina
Ko Lujein tōku ingoa